Biography of Gürkan Zengin

Gürkan Zengin was born in Ankara in 1968. He started his career at TRT news department in 1989, right after he graduated from University of Ankara with communications major.

He was one of the firs reporters of first private TV channel of Turkey, STAR TV. 

He worked as  reporter, editor and a news manager for ten years in Ankara in different channels, later on he moved to Istanbul.

 He has hosted his own show called "The Editor" for ten years in CNN TURK. 

He was the head of news of CNN TURK between 2007-2009.

He worked in  preparations of Aljazeera Turk news channel with a team from Doha two years, but  later on TV project turned into news web site. Aljazeera Turk web site was the most prestigious news web of the country.

Gürkan Zengin is the author of the books titled  "HOCA- Davutoglu effect over Turkish Foreign Policy,",  KAVGA- Turkish Foreign Policy during Arap Spring, and KUŞATMA - Turkey's Foreign Policy after Arab Spring (2013-2017)